Cleaning Your Room and Make it Smell Good

How to Deodorize a Room

Common problem when improving home is to make each room smell fresh apart from the home decor. There are a lot of reasons why a room smell bad and no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get rid of it. Every unpleasant odor has away to eliminate them. However, before doing anything you need to clean the room first to determine the cause of the bad odor. Some odors can’t be eliminated by just doing one procedure; it may be worth using multiple methods to attack the smell. If you can’t get rid of the odor at least   you reduce it and after couple of days it will just completely gone.

5When you are cleaning the room it would be great to open the window. Such case the trap smell will be released into the air and a fresh nature’s breath will enter the room. Let the fresh air enter the room along with the heat of sunlight. These natural ways of eliminating odor works well if you are an environmental concern. Basically, the process won’t take all the smell but it will lessen any strong smell. Keep in mind that nothing else helps get rid of odors better than fresh air. If the procedure success then it is about time to remodel the room and give it proper ventilation. This is perfect especially if you are in a place where weather doesn’t permit.

Take out the trash and dispose them every day. Keep the laundry bags out of your room including the shoes. Make sure that all clothes, beddings, and other things made from fabric should be properly sun dried. Do a re-upholster for your couch and bed if necessary. If you have pets at home, make sure to bath them and clean their space. Aside from your room you also need to check the kitchen for potential molds from leftover food. If you are going to do that please include the refrigerator. Remove all the food that was stock there for a very long time.

Don’t just clean the dust, vacuum the room if necessary to remove other dirt. Include the carpet, upholstery and the curtains during your cleaning process. Baking soda is one of the natural ways to eliminate odor, you can sprinkle it in the carpet or use a deodorizer. Carpet deodorizers often come with their own scent which also stays around for a while. It would be great to use natural scent rather than sweet scents because they make the room smell clean. If necessary, wash hard surfaces. This includes hard flooring, walls, tables, counter tops, sinks and a lot more. Use mild cleaner to reduce environment pollution. It will also help to preserve the beauty of your home and protect your kids from serious lung issues.

Aside from baking soda another product that is cheap and can be found in the kitchen is the vinegar. White vinegar mix with water is very effective to reduce bad odor. There are some people who don’t like the smell of vinegar, such case you can add essential oils to it like lemon or orange. Both are also effective antibacterial agents which can help combat odors.

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