How Experts of Carpet Cleaning in Missouri City, TX Remove Rust Stain

Rust Stain on Your Carpet

Rust stain on your carpet is considered as one of the most stubborn stains that should be treated seriously by carpet owners aside from the paints caused by painting service. This type of stain is not easily removed if the homeowner has no proper training and knowledge about the process. Rust stains are on the same category of carpet stains like ink and red wine. These stains are hard to handle so you’ll need assistance from well trained technicians of carpet cleaning in Missouri City, TX.

Carpet CleaningAccording to well trained cleaners, the best way to treat stain from rust is to provide swift action. Tough stains can be prevented if you remove them early. But before you can do that, there is a need to know regarding the correct method to achieve best outcome.

When treating a rust stain, there are three key points to remember such as (1) removing the stain the soonest as possible, (2) blot the affected area and do not wipe, and (3) making use of high recommended stain remover agent for the specific type of stain.

If you are going to examine the chemical composition of stains from rust, it is quite unique and complicated. Because of its uniqueness, it is difficult to remove. Rust is basically composed of iron oxide; when you use a normal stain remover to remove it, it sets deep into the fiber rather than being treated. In order for the stain not to settle deep into the fiber, make sure that you use proper stain remover specialized for rust. When the rust stain removal is mixed with solution and applied directly on the stain, the chemical compositions are being broken down. You will see its effect after a few minutes or so.  

Here is how you should perform the process:

(1) Use sponge when applying the rust stain remover on the carpet.

(2) Let the solution settle on the stained areas. For the solution to soak on the carpet, rub it slowly using a sponge. Result can be found after 5 minutes.

(3) To get the maximum result, you need to support it with lemon juice and salt granule. The mixture should be left for 24 hours to get the best cleaning result.

After the steps have been followed, make sure to rinse the affected with wet towel through blotting. Repeat the process if needed. If your carpet stains are not manageable, give a call to the experts of carpet cleaning in Missouri City, TX; they will always give you a hand, visit this site

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