Tips from San Antonio, TX Garage Door Repair Experts for Homeowners Safety

Garage Door Safety Tips

garage6How safe is your vehicle in the garage? How safe are you from your garage door? You may not be aware of this but there are hundreds of cases of injuries and deaths recorded related to garage doors. It is true that the garage door protects your vehicle and everything inside the garage from outdoor elements, like burglars and from the harsh weather. However, you need to recognize as well that the garage door poses danger.

You are fortunate to have a technician for garage door repair in San Antonio, TX who can get the issue fixed as soon as you call them. You are lucky if during the inspection they were able to find some faulty tension springs and belts that must be replaced before it can lead to injuries. You may wonder how these mechanical systems from the garage door can wear out instantly if it has not even reached five or ten years. In average, garage doors can last from 15 to 30 years, depending on the quality of material and construction,

Prevent any threats of injuries and deaths in your household. How can you prevent these from happening?

Don’t play with the garage doors. Be strict with the kids. They are most likely the culprit and the victims when playing with garage doors. Sure they find it fun to come in and out of the garage as the door closes and open. Make them understand that the garage is not a good place to play around and the garage door is not a toy.

Get in to the garage without racing the closing door. To save time from opening it up again, many homeowners race to get into the garage before it closes. Don’t be one of the hundreds of people that get injured each year because of this. Your safety is not the only thing at risk, but this also poses damage to the garage door. Wait for a few seconds for the door to close completely and open it once again. This is better than exposing self in any danger.

Refrain from fixing the garage door through DIY methods. There is indeed plenty of videos online showing how to fix a garage door. However, calling a technician for garage door repair in San Antonio, TX is highly advised than a DIY. It is not affordable, but you are not at risk to get yourself in danger or injury. You may not have read or watched from the news but in a year, over a thousand people gets injured related to DIY garage door repairs.

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